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The 2016 London Boat Show was our best ever. We printed 2000 leaflets and ended up with 18
Dutton Dutton Dutton
  Tim Dutton - Woolley  
UK Pound drops 15% due to Brexit
For export sales now is the time to take advantage of this temporary "blip" in the UK exchange rate as it has dropped around 15% against most major currencies

We buy dead 4WD Duttons
We are eager purchasers of all 4WD Duttons regardless of their condition including part built kits
Send us full details/photos and price

If you are buying a fully built Dutton there are 3 main sources of donor car:-

1/ Since UK insurance companies have decided that fully comprehensive insurance cover is cheaper than basic Fire & Theft the market has been flooded with cheap slightly damaged cars, most have more than halved in their value in the last few years. Typically a 2 - 4 year old Jimny or Fiesta would have cost around £4000 now these are available for around £2000

We are registered with www.copart.co.uk that auctions 1000 (that's not a typo) damaged cars every day. You can search their list of damaged cars even though you cannot bid on them. If you have ordered a complete Surf or Reef you can search Copart for the donor car you want us to use. Give us the bid # and maximum price you want to pay and we will bid for it on your behalf. If we win the bid you MUST pay Copart direct within 2 days. See the image below as an example of the fees involved.

Typical Fiesta donor
Typical Jimny donor

We can collect the donor car from any Copart - contact factory for quote (or you can collect it and deliver to us)

Look for a donor with lots of light body damage category D, unrecorded or stolen recovered, not cat A, B or C. Jimny can be any year but it's worth the extra so go for late 2005 on as has a much better spec ( identify by checking it has an electronic transfer box) Fiesta mk8 must be 1.6 Zetec S petrol

2/ You can supply us with the donor car

3/ you can tell us the amount to spend and we will source best donor for you

we can also help you source a donor car if you are building up a Dutton kit - contact factory for help

Welcome Italy and Belgium

The Surf can now be legally registered for the road use in Italy and Belgium, these are joining the growing list of countries where the Dutton can be registered
A Brief History of Tim
Article reprinted from February 2016 Complete Kit Car Magazine, see HERE
Sunday Observer

44 year old advert from our Archives

As true today as it was in the early 1970's...Note £345 for an entire kit!


Reef Production starts


Our Stand at the 2016 London Boat Show

Dutton Reef preview The first new Dutton Model for 15 years, the two wheel drive REEF is now in full production. Click HERE for further details.
SURF production continues unabated.

REEF delivery & production 2017

Fully built Reef approximately 6 months delivery and kits 4 months

We are now accepting orders for early Summer 2017 delivery

We are quite happy to accept a deposit and incomplete order form as a firm order so you can get a production "slot", final spec can be added closer to the delivery date

We attempt to keep some deck/hulls in stock:-


IMPORTANT:- if we quote a delivery time from a general enquiry it is only valid at the time we quote, delivery times can easily vary drastically depending on pressure of work, however once an order has been received then the delivery date is fixed
SURF delivery & production 2017

Fully built Surf approximately 5 - 6 months and kits 4 - 5 months

We are now accepting orders for early Spring 2017 delivery

We are quite happy to accept a deposit and incomplete order form as a firm order so you can get a production "slot", final spec can be added closer to the delivery date

We attempt to keep some deck/hulls in stock:-

White/white new kit can be supplied left or right hand drive available 1 week after you have delivered the "parts for modification" at list price

IMPORTANT:- if we quote a delivery time from a general enquiry it is only valid at the time we quote, delivery times can easily vary drastically depending on pressure of work, however once an order has been received then the delivery date is fixed
Check ups & servicing
As part of our continual commitment to customer service we now offer check ups on all our amphibs, including an extended water test. After the testing we will advise if any work/servicing needs doing. You can at any time remove your car or in the alternate you can authorize us to do all or some of the work. Winter in the UK is now approaching and it's time to do the compulsory checking of the front and rear brake systems etc, putting it off until next Spring and not winterizing your Dutton now may end up being an expensive option, this is our standard servicing procedure:-

SERVICE for all 4WD DUTTON (Commander & Surf)

Check oil in gearbox/f axle/r axle

Remove wheels

Check fan belts

Replace oil/air filters

Replace engine oil

Paint all steel components under hull, f/r axles/suspension/steering/ both prop shafts etc

Check all rubber gaiters/ball joints

Check condition of front calipers/pads/discs

Dismantle and check condition of rear brake shoes, dismantle handbrake adjusters and pack with grease, re-adjust handbrake system. Clean up rear drums

Check all underside nuts/bolts

Remove poupe deck/sun deck check all fuel lines, jet belt tension

Check and grease 2 challis/jet pillow block/dog clutch and spline

TOTAL 10 hours

If you want any additional work or have specific requirements please advise. If you are interested in our servicing then please email/call us, we can collect cars if required or arrange for them to be collected from anywhere in the world.

There are 2016 model year improvements that can be retro fitted to your Commander and Surf, see "owners page". In particular stainless steel exhaust system and converting the electronic transfer box to manual

More expansion at Dutton
For years companies have asked us if we will sell our jets separately or build one off amphibs for promotional work - up until now we have resisted but as we all know resistance is futile so we have now added these services to our new web site see "special ops" page
Stock cars
For the first time ever, we have managed to catch up with orders and now have some cars in stock.
See the "new - used" page for further details.

UK Slipways & launch sites

A comprehensive list of UK slipways and launch sites that you can use for your Dutton is now available from BOATLAUNCH.CO.UK. giving details of over 940 British coastal and inland slipways. Please click HERE to access their site.

Note that the site also gives tide predictions.

New assembly manual now available

Dutton SURF Assembly Manual


To purchase this manual, visit the publisher, LULU, by clicking HERE to go to their online shop.

The 115 page full colour Dutton SURF Assembly Manual is also available as a PDF file from us. We recommend not printing off the manual until you have the kit in front of you as we are constanly improving it. Click HERE to go to the Downloads page.

Duttons 1969 to 1989

With well over 8000 Duttons driving around the World and despite not making them for over 25 years we are still here to help owners. Got a TECHNICAL problem? then contact Tim for assistance. Please note we have NO documentation on these early Duttons (and don't forget to join the Dutton owners Club)
Duttons in Norway & Canada

2014 saw the first Duttons registered for the road use in Norway and Canada, this joins the ever increasing list of Countries where you can register the Dutton

Dutton in Norway


A day in the life..... cars being completed, customers and visitors cars and our two demo cars.


Our "fleet" of two demo cars.


Monday morning, Jimny donor for Surf, and Fiesta donor for Reef.

Dutton goes electric

Tim Dutton is currently building five electric powered Surfs for a European Customer. The 'E Surfs' will be used on canals that have strict emission regulations and will be powered by 48v water cooled electric motors.


The photo above shows the motor coupled to the same jet that's used for conventional Surfs. The batteries will be on an overnight charge before the cars are driven to the canals during the day. If the batteries go flat on the water, the petrol engine can be run to give enough power back to the motor through a 48v converter.


As part of our continual development of the Surf the following major improvements are now incorporated at no increase in cost

EXHAUST system now all stainless steel

EXHAUST manifold re-designed and cats repositioned to drastically reduce engine bay temperatures

BONNET top air vent added to remove hot air more efficiently

Side/rear carpet

SIDE THRUSTERS permanently fitted to transom so when you go on full lock the water is directed to either side of the Surf making it turn in a much tighter space

MANUAL conversion for later electronic transfer box (2006 on) to change drive you simply rotate a knob between the front seats. Pre 2006 Jimny already have a proper manual transfer box

HEATER now designed to draw air from outside rather than the earlier version where it recirculated air that was already in the cockpit - this greatly reduces cockpit heat

FRONT HUBS now permanently locked in drive. This completely removes any chance that they can fail resulting in no drive to the front wheels when 4WD is engaged. With locked front hubs you still have all the options of 2WD,4WDH,4WDL and neutral - indeed all SJ413 and Samurai (the predecessors to the Jimny) had locked front hubs as original equipment

GLOVE BOXES now fitted both sides of rear seats either used as extra internal storage space or if you have the BSS they provide recessed space for both fire extinguishers

TOP 15%

A staggering 85% of all cars (all makes) fail the IVA test first time. The Dutton passes. We are so confident that the cars we present pass first time that if for any reason they don't we will re-test at our expense


TOWIE ITV2 The "lads" drove around Basildon and local lakes.


CHANNEL 4 SHOW "GADGET MAN" aired September 02 featuring the Dutton SURF


Tim also featured in an earlier episode of 'Scrapheap Challenge' on Channel 4. Click HERE to watch.

Female Comedienne JO BRAND has a new tv programme on DAVE TV where she does weird stuff to do with water. Jo spent a whole day at our factory filming in the Dutton Surf, this was shown recently and is viewable on here and shows Jo and Tim having fun before heading for France in a Surf.

To view the video click HERE



Click HERE to view Video (5min)

Three Men Pic 01

2006 Channel Crossing Video now available. Click HERE to view (4min).

Where are they all?

There are only 3 important kit car magazines in the UK and Europe:- Complete KitCar, Total Kit Car and KitCar

All 3 have tested the Surf during 2011 and given us fantastic complimentary write ups. The question is why are there not ANY write ups or videos on any other make of amphibious car? It's all very strange.....

Complete KitCar (March 2011), Total Kit Car (July/August 2011) and KitCar (September 2011) are all on our "press comment" link below.