We have sold all our manufacturing rights for the Reef and Surf to Kama EKO Group - a sea plane manufacturing company in Poland - who have been successfully importing our amphibs for well over 10 years - all moulds and tooling for the Reef and Surf are in Poland and now in production. Our UK factory is open for business on selected weekdays and our staff look foward to offering you free assistance with any questions you may have regarding servicing or purchasing any Dutton from 1968 to now. Always book by email prior to a visit.
The last trailer/truck load of moulds/jigs to Poland

Dutton Dutton

MEDIA & ADVERTISING ONLY:- Tim Dutton still drives his own late Surf - Any company wishing to use a Surf for Press or advertising contact factory@timdutton.com
For all info on a new Reef and Surf please contact Kama EKO Group direct:-
Adam Kloska
email:- kamaekogroup@gmail.com

web:- https://www.kama-pomiary.pl. Their web site is in English (click Union Jack) and Polish


Interested in joining a professionally run Dutton owners club that is for all Dutton kit AND amphibious owners? The ONLY 3 clubs we recommend are Dutton Owners Kit Cars (over 1500 members), Dutton Owners Club International (over 1000 members) and for all makes of amphibs Mike Ryan Amphibious Vehicles and Cars (over 300 members), all 3 are on facebook and have access to Tim Dutton and Dutton Cars Ltd. We have no interest whatsoever in the Dutton Amphibious Car Club (under 100 members)

For all Dutton amphib servicing in the UK contact our chief engineer who has worked with us since 2008, indeed if your Surf or Reef was manufactured after 2008 Jack would have built it. He now operates his own fully equipped garage, email:- jackgorski@hotmail.com

Tim Dutton is now concentrating on buying/selling and restoration work on all Dutton amphibs 1995 onwards:- Amphijeep, Mariner, Commander, Reef and Surf
If you have one for sale be it ready to go, MOT failure, non starter, part built, incomplete, unregistered, light accident damage, left or right hand drive please email factory@timdutton.com with pics, description and condition, include VIN and price - we can arrange World wide collection and have cash waiting for you NOW

Before buying any make of amphib a few important points:-

1/ PIGS AND LIPSTICKS. Don't be taken in by a nice new shiny paint job. The real value in an amphib is its mechanical components, engine, gearbox, axles, drive chain, brakes, jet etc and how tidy/safe are the wiring and fuel lines? In particular pay close attention under the bonnet - is it up to the same standard and care as the body? or does it just look like a very old tatty second-hand car that has been neglected over it's life time? As they say "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig"

2/ CHECK VIN. Prior to buying from anyone and parting with your money always ask us for free history of the Dutton by giving us the VIN

3/ SPEED IN WATER. We see our pet internet troll on Facebook (lots more on here about him in a few weeks time when we name his 2 names, facebook screenshots etc) is again deliberately spreading misinformation by stating his Dutton does "9 knots". In the Universe where most of us live this is physically impossible, water speed for a displacement hull is a function of the square root of the water line in metres multiplied by 2.8 for mph, 2.4 for knots or 4.5 for kph. So water speed is actually our quoted 5 knots rather than his laughable claim of 9. It is noted that his Mariner is (again) up for sale, this time for a fanciful £32,500 (reduced from his even more fanciful £50,000 last year) it's probably worth between £4,000 and £10,000 (on a good day)

4/ CHECK MOT. Check Government web site for MOT status - even if MOT is current look at MOT history "advisories" to see what you will almost certainly need to pay/rectify for the next MOT

5/ CHECK FOR BSS. For the safety of your family and friends never buy an amphib unless it has a current UK Boat Safety Certificate (BSC) https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org this extensive examination by a Government appointed certified marine engineer (around £ 300) covers many safety items including battery master switch, fuel master tap, safety signage, correct number and spec of fire extinguishers, working bilge pumps, correct marine grade fuel lines (Lloyds registered) and a lot more. Remember the golden amphib rule NEVER buy any make of amphib without a current BSC.

SELLING PRICE QUIDE assumes Dutton is fully road legal with Boat Safety Certificate and long MOT (if required) everything in working order and ready for immediate road and water use:-

2 WHEEL DRIVE Mariner/early Commander (1995 to 2000) £4,000 to £10,000
4 WHEEL DRIVE Amphijeep/Commander/Surf (1999 to 2023) £15,000 to £40,000 (huge span of values due to spec/year/condition/history etc)
Reef (2015 to 2023) £20,000 to £30,000



For all enquiries, please contact factory@timdutton.com


SURF Now with registration # AH04 DUT(stock # PdeS)

This fully loaded Surf has provenance having been bought for Peter de Savary (PdeS) International entrepreneur, yachtsman and philanthropist and now the personal transport for Tim Dutton since the Spring. UK registered and ready to go.
SPEC:- 1328cc petrol, 5 speed manual, 4 wheel drive, Right hand drive, MOT test full year, Only 43,830 miles (Jimny miles not Surf miles)supplied with speedo in mph and kph and can be supplied with left or right hand drive headlamps, New tyres, LED rear lamps, Harrods removable rear mounted picnic hamper for 6 (not complete - some of it is in the English Channel),
Just been fully serviced by us, will be supplied with all original documents:- V5C showing Tim Dutton as registered owner, Full year MOT test, Jimny purchase invoice, Boat safety certificate, Original Dutton order form signed by Lana de Savary, Suzuki drivers/service manual, Maintained regardless of expense - everything working as expected. Factory built 2021 based on a showroom condition undamaged Jimny and used exclusively on the River Dart by PdeS. We have already removed all Cary Arms Hotel signage. Search "blue amphibious car on River Dart" to see PdeS in action in his Dutton. Complete with all the following extras fitted, list prices taken from latest Dutton order form:-
Dutton Surf 4WD fully built amphib £31,080
show room Jimny donor car £9,000
front soft top (unused) £356
rear soft top (unused) £615
panoramic side screens (unused) £330
removable outboard bracket (unused) £270
NASA depth gauge £189
Boat Safety Certificate valid until 2026 £348
IVA Gov vehicle test + certificate £794
TOTAL £42,983
This does not take into account the increased value due to provenance and it's rarity now Dutton has ceasing manufacturing in the UK. This "as new" Dutton Surf is being offered at
£38,900 Now with registration # AH04 DUT

ADDED:- Tim Dutton will be using this Surf on the River at the Thames Traditional Boat Festival, Henley. Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21. Feel free to make contact (and possibly a cruise on the Thames)

EXTRAS included in sale:- anchor + ropes, collapsible paddle, boat hook, compass, tool kit (unused), locking fuel cap, fire extinguishers (unused), red ensign, 2 buoyancy aid jackets (unused), 2 horse shoe buoyancy aids (unused), 3 fenders, 1 orange marker buoy.

Blue Dutton H20
Dutton Dutton
Dutton Dutton


REEF (stock # White demo)
Re advertised due to tyre kicking time waster who wanted to pay for it at £5,000 a month!
First production Reef, built 2015 and exhibited at January 2016 London Boat Show, Excel, photos showing stand being set up.
This Reef has been our Press/Show car since 2015 and has featured in all TV programs and write-ups. This craft is still being used in PR, the below picture is taken from December 2023 Complete Kit Car magazine.
Been stored in factory for a couple of years and now undergoing comprehensive factory restoration. Registered 2018 number HD11 PWJ Now fitted with original silver Zetec S "snowflake" wheels. Supplied with new panoramic side screens and new NASA depth gauge. Will be available May/June 2024. Price Guide £24,500 to clear


Dutton Dutton


REEF (stock # 2023 reef)

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD IDEAL WINTER PROJECT. Brand new part built 2023 Reef in Blue. This Reef is supplied with the last ever VIN to be issued by Dutton (with paperwork to confirm) This was going to be our demonstrator and built using a 2012 1600 petrol Fiesta Metal. The Metal was the top of the range Fiesta mk7 power up from 120bhp to 132bhp, close ratio gearbox and much improved dashboard finished in jet black. What is being offered here is well in excess of our "stage 2 kit Reef" (see Reef spec on web site)
"Kit Plus" is the option between "kit" and "fully built". We strip down the complete front and rear suspension/axles de-grease and remove surplus rust, check all brake components then spray with Zinc phosphate, marine undercoat and black marine top coat. With the engine and gearbox we pressure wash and spray in red marine top coat. We permanently fit all this to the Reef. This Reef is now on 4 wheels with engine and gearbox fitted, we have already completed more than a "Kit Plus" having also fitted steer rack/pedals/servo/brake pipes/servo pipes/heating pipes/major loom extensions from dash to engine. This project is sold with all remaining loose Fiesta parts to finish a complete car. You will be able to register this Reef on the V5C as 2024 Dutton Reef.
Price including:-
Stage 2 Kit Plus £20,280
2012 Fiesta Metal £3,000
new pair panoramic side screens £315
new hood £528
Total £24,478. Price guide £20,000 to clear. We urgently need more space in the factory so will entertain sensible offers on the condition that it is removed from factory within a few weeks of purchase.
Dutton Dutton
Dutton Dutton
Dutton Dutton
Dutton Dutton


COMMANDER (stock # 2003 commander)

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This amphib has provenance, we sold this Commander to Pete Townshend, lead guitarist in The Who. He used it for a number of years to commute along the River Thames to beat the road traffic, it was then parked in one of his sheds and forgotten. Many years later when Pete sold his house in Richmond the new buyers re-discovered it. We are now proud to offer it for sale as requiring a full restoration. All numbers match up - Registration/chassis/engine.

  • 2001 Pete ordered Commander, We still hold the Dutton order form signed by Pete (original signed order form will be supplied with amphib)
  • 2002 Suzuki delivered brand new standard (but rare) Turbo diesel SJ419TD to factory
  • 2003 Pete collected Commander from Dutton factory
  • 2006 last time amphib was taxed. Then stored in a garden shed
  • around 2017 Pete sold his Richmond house and new buyers re-discovered Commander in the shed. Pete confirmed to buyers he no longer required it and said they could do whatever they wanted with it.
  • around 2018 new owners contacted us and asked if we could restore it and we arranged for it to be shipped down to Dutton factory. Upon arrival we spent a considerable amount of time on an indepth report listing work required. It became clear it was beyond economic repair (at our hourly work rate). We never got paid for the shipping`or the report so new owners agreed to let us have the Amphib in exchange for all unpaid invoices
  • 2019 September we registered the amphib in our name, we have V5C showing we are still the registered owners

  • Built from a new unregistered Spanish Suzuki Santana, designated as an SJ419TD, right hand drive, 1900cc Peugeot XUD9 63 bhp (wow!) Turbo Diesel fitted as standard by Suzuki, 4 wheel drive, 5 speed, speedo in mph, odo in km, front and rear removable hard tops, soft tops and side screens, we are in the process of refitting the back axle so car rolls on all 4 wheels. Certified speedo reading 748km (465 miles) 100% original, nothing has been changed or modified since built in 2003.
    NOTE from photos that although the hull/deck has never been cleaned in 20 years a cursory 10 second compound has restored the GRP finish to "as new". There is no noticeable damage to any of the GRP.
    A report on restoration work required to make this amphib road and water legal can be supplied
    OFFERS are invited "as is" guide price £ 15,000
    ON NO ACCOUNT BID ON THIS WITHOUT EXAMINATION: We are more than happy to supply you with further photos if requested

    Dutton Dutton
    Dutton Dutton
    Dutton Dutton
    Dutton Dutton

    Please note if an item was listed on here and not shown now it's been sold!!!
    Collect only

    Spare parts for Surf/Commander/Amphijeep

    new black front hood with poppers only 1 left £356 REDUCED TO CLEAR £250
    new black rear hood with hood irons and poppers only 1 left £616 REDUCED TO CLEAR £500

    Dutton Dutton
    New sub-standard Surf rear hood made by VAMPED TRIMMING, Edenbridge, TN8 6ED, 01732 759600 very shoddy workmanship. NOTE rear screen in completely the wrong position and considerably tilted. When we wanted to return it to VAMPED TRIMMING for them to rectify their appalling workmanship they refused stating in a one line email "Sorry not to be more helpful" needless to say we will never use that company again, this hood is also advertised on eBay. Be aware of this shoddy workmanship before you consider letting them loose on your pride and joy £250 to clear.

    Dutton Dutton
    4 Original Suzuki Jimny wheels and tyres for 4wd Commander and Surf. Also fits Samurai, SJ419 and SJ413. Approx tyre depth in mm 8/7/7/5 £250

    new Set of 4 off dark grey GRP wheel arches only 1 set left £150 REDUCED TO CLEAR £100
    used set of 4 off dark blue GRP wheel arches only 1 set left £70 REDUCED TO CLEAR £50
    new rear boarding platform in light grey £50
    used Jimny wheel (tyre u/s) 10 spoke (same as on blue Surf above) £50

    Spare parts for Reef

    Used Zetec S "snowflake" road wheels, various colours black/white/silver with tyres, 205/40 ZR 17 from £20 each to clear
    ODDS & SODS:-

    Used Mariner Sailmate outboard 4hp with inbuilt tank and throttle/steer very reliable, we have used this for over 5 years, new impeller fitted last summer, in excellent condition as can be seen by the undamaged original prop and paint surface this has the correct power and shaft length we recommend to suit all our amphibs. Can be seen running in water £395
    Dutton Dutton


    New adjustable outboard bracket max 15hp (30kg) Top quality Italian manufacture, only 1 left. These retail from Bainbridge Marine for £267. Our price £130. This MUST be removed before for use on a public highway, supplied with used slide bracket for above outboard motor (supplied with stainless steel bolts and is permanently attached to transom)
    Dutton Dutton

    55 years of Dutton Cars
    See Ultimate Rides for 5 min US TV video on the Dutton 4WD Surf: click HERE to view the clip.
    See Secrets of the Supercars on UKTV Play for 5 min Video on the Dutton 4WD Surf: click HERE to view a clip.
    See a demonstration of rough terrain handling. Click HERE to view a clip.
    YouTube of Britain's Got Talent with Simon Cowell and David Walliams in the Union Jack wrapped Dutton Surf arriving at the Thames TV studio, Media City, Salford UK
    Over 860,000 views and still counting...!


    We have always used exhibitions as our main form of paid advertising. Our first exhibition was 1970 when Peter Filby rented a field in (we think) Hindhead in Surrey. Of course the 1982 Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham was the most talked about as we had just won the court case bought by Ford Motor Co who spectacularly failed to stop us using the name Sierra. Our court costs were £20,000, the best £20K we could have spent on publicity, the story being reported all over the World. Even cartoons appeared in the national press (as below), we think no other car company has ever been the centre of such attraction in cartoons. It was particularly amusing that just by chance our exhibition stand was next to the Ford exhibit at the NEC Birmingham.

    Dutton Dutton

    1982 cartoons salvaged from our 1992 factory fire


    A specialized oar called the steering oar was placed on vessels to provide the same functionality as modern-day rudders, and they were operated by sailors positioned at the stern. Because the vast majority of sailors were right-handed, these oars were always placed on the right side. Sailors began calling the right side the steering side, which soon became "starboard" by combining two Old English words: steor (meaning "steer") and bord (meaning "the side of a boat"). "Port" is named as boats could not moor up on the starboard side (as there was a "steering oar" in the way) so the other side was always call the "port" side. We can still manufacture the Surf in Left hand drive if specifically required

    • Dutton is the oldest car company in the world to still be wholly owned by its founder
    • To put this into context, Dutton was the first company ever to seriously 'productionise' kit car manufacture resulting in building 8000 cars between 1968 and 1989 with over 80 staff in 24,000 ft sq spread over 4 factories and a main road showroom in West Sussex
    • The first amphibious car Dutton made was in 1989. No other company comes anywhere near us for longevity. Even the most famous amphibious car ever - the Amphicar - was only built for 2 years then the company haemorrhaged for a further 2 years in a desperate attempt to sell off the remaining stock
    • Dutton is the Worlds only company in series production with amphibious cars (despite what you see on the internet)
    • After trading for years as Tim Dutton Amphibious Cars Ltd we thought it would be rather fun to re-use the 50 year old company name of "Dutton Cars Ltd" (same company just a name change)

    Dutton Dutton

    First prototype (1989) based on Dutton Sierra drophead, note the use of steel bumper / chassis (never again) alfresco exhaust and a bemused Tim Dutton

    Setting up at the 2021 Southampton Boat Show.
    Very successful Southampton Boat Show 2019  
    Dutton Dutton Dutton
      Tim Dutton - Woolley  
    Picture of the Month

    What are the chances? An amphibious caravan passing an amphibious car...

    Picture of the Month

    Diving into the River Arun in a Dutton

    20 mph, 5ft drop and no slipway... (click HERE or on picture above for Video, opens in new window)

    Picture of the Month

    Most modern cars are designed to last 11 years. This Dutton Mariner is well over 20 years old and still going strong.


    Picture of the Month

    Brittany Northwestern most region of France. The annual Amphib meeting, Over 75 amphibs attended August 2019.

    Make contact
    To make contact with us please email    factory@timdutton.com

    We buy dead 4WD Duttons
    We are eager purchasers of all 4WD Duttons regardless of their condition including part built kits
    Send us full details/photos and price

    Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Burma, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dubai, England, Estonia, France, French West Indies, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Scotland, Southern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, USA, Wales

    And some Military stuff..

    This is not the total of all our cars sold, customers have bought more than 1 Dutton, there are repeat orders and many are sold into the same location

    We have been manufacturing amphibious cars longer than all the other companies in the World added together - including Amphicar - this unparalleled experience over 33 years and upto VIN 280 has allowed us to produce 4 entirely different models - the Mariner up to 2000 (Mk3 Fiesta donor), Commander up to 2006 (Suzuki Samurai donor) and the current Surf.

    We take customer privacy seriously and will NEVER disclose customer names or addresses or cold-call them so please don't ask

    50 year old advert from our Archives

    As true today as it was in the early 1970's...Note £345 for an entire kit!


    Built to last

    We recently received this from a customer who bought a Dutton in 1972; now over 70, he still uses the B type (if his son is not borrowing it...)



    Note WWII Dutton shed at RAF Tangmere (1968) and the good old days when E Type Jaguars were simply thrown away when not needed...


    50 years old and still going strong

    SURF & REEF delivery & production

    Please contact factory direct for current Delivery times.

    A new blue Reef will be available for delivery in 6 months time and a new UK registered Surf is available NOW for delivery

    We are quite happy to accept a deposit and incomplete order form as a firm order so you can get a production "slot", final spec can be added closer to the delivery date

    We attempt to keep some deck/hulls in stock:-


    IMPORTANT:- if we quote a delivery time from a general enquiry it is only valid at the time we quote, delivery times can easily vary drastically depending on pressure of work, however once an order has been received then the delivery date is fixed
    Stock cars
    For the first time ever, we have managed to catch up with orders and now have some cars in stock.
    See the "new - used" page for further details.
    UK Slipways & launch sites

    A comprehensive list of UK slipways and launch sites that you can use for your Dutton is now available from BOATLAUNCH.CO.UK. giving details of over 940 British coastal and inland slipways. Please click HERE to access their site.

    Note that the site also gives tide predictions.

    Duttons 1968 to 1989

    With well over 8000 Duttons driving around the World and despite not making them for over 30 years we are still here to help owners. Got a TECHNICAL problem? then contact Tim for assistance. Please note we have NO documentation or spares on these early Duttons
    Duttons in Norway, Canada, Sweden and Russia

    Duttons have now been registered for road use in Norway, Canada, Sweden and Russia, this joins the ever increasing list of Countries where you can register the Dutton


    A day in the life..... cars being completed, customers and visitors cars and our two demo cars.


    Our "fleet" of two demo cars.



    Female Comedienne JO BRAND has a new tv programme on DAVE TV where she does weird stuff to do with water. Jo spent a whole day at our factory filming in the Dutton Surf, this was shown recently and is viewable on here and shows Jo and Tim having fun before heading for France in a Surf.
    To view the video click HERE

    Three Men Pic 01


    Click HERE to view Video (5min)

    The Dutton. It is neither the car that thinks it's a boat nor a boat that thinks it's a car. It has the invincible superiority of knowing that it is both
    "Boris Johnson ex Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"
    "AutoExpress Magazine"
    NEW WORLD RECORD 2 Duttons cross English Channel Nov 2006, see AMPHIBIOUS RECORDS link on "PRESS" link above
    2006 Channel Crossing Video now available. Click HERE to view (4min).

    No Beach Out Off Reach
    Factory Factory
    lathe-003 hull-to-deck-002
    Part Completed jet bodies Hull and deck meet up
    2nd Dutton ever made, this Dutton P1 based on the Mk1 Sprite was built in 1969 and is still going strong today.
    Specifications liable to change without notice.
    DUTTON is a registered Trade Mark.