A Dutton amphibious car is without doubt one of the most eye-catching vehicles around drawing crowds wherever they go. We fully appreciate the value of media exposure for companies and are more than happy to discuss with you the possibilities of using a dutton for your publicity either by supplying new vehicles or renting out one of our demo cars. If necessary cars can be wrapped in your corporate colours (as in our green Dutton wrapped in Lucky Strike logo for Monaco grand prix, our Union Jack wrapped Surf for BGT and recently an Ocado TV advert on the Grand Union Canal)
In 1995 we were commissioned by Lucky Strike (BAT) for GP driver Olivier Panis to make a spectacular entrance where he piloted his Dutton 5 miles along the coast from Beaulieu Sur Mer into Monaco Harbour for the Grand Prix (so much more noticeable than arriving in a run of the mill gin palace or helicopter) A few years later we did a similar trip delivering an unique amphib on behalf of an international life style magazine where we attended both the GP and Cannes Film Festival
Picture of car in harbour from Amphijeep & Panis
What we offer



If you don't want to go to the expense of an outright purchase we can rent you a production Dutton. Our subsidised daily rate WITH Tim Dutton in attendance either as driver or he will show how anyone can drive on the water with 5 minutes training - it's that easy. Daily rate:- £500 + fuel/expenses + vat. We recommend our Surf as it has 4 large seats, more than enough room for a presenter and camera/sound crew - there are no charges for filming at our location on the River Arun.

In addition we can suggest suitable locations for filming and remain on site during filming/promotion to ensure smooth running.

If you need any assistance in finding suitable filming locations, safety boats etc., we recommend Marine Film Services Limited. 15 Church Road. East Molesey, Surrey. KT8 9DR. https://www.marinefilm.co.uk

Having worked with the media since 1995 we can deliver on time and on budget, we are fully aware of the cost of crews sitting around waiting to film. Contact Tim Dutton today to discuss your marketing ideas email factory@timdutton.com