Our jet, first manufactured in 1989 - and still the most reliable compact and light 8" jet available today - Normally only fitted to boats and amphibious cars one is now being fitted into the floats of a seaplane. Powered by a lightweight electric motor so that when taxiing in a gated community neighbours are not woken up in the middle of the night by the noise of an aircraft engine passing by
Partly completed jet bodies.
Stators and Impellers.
Basic Jet.
Jet + Stator + Jet Lower GRP
Jet top GRP, separately bonded in or part of hull mould (as above). Note on right 19mm dia hole for optional rudder.
Stainless steel shaft tapped M8 with 6mm keyway

Stator and impeller in marine grade LM6 Aluminium

Stainless steel rudder, support bearing and arm to attach Morse cable

Lower moulding in GRP (can be supplied in most colours)

Top GRP moulding can be supplied as a separate item or for volume production can be built into your hull mould

Packed with GP grease with breather in centre of top fasteners

PRICES (+ 20% UK vat if applicable)

Jet assembly, lower GRP panel and rudder(not shown in photos) inc stainless steel fasteners £885

Top GRP panel £135. This would be a one off expense if you moulded it into your production mould

Discount for 5+ on application
Shaft dia.98425
Impeller dia8 1/8206
Length,jet body + impeller10254
Overall length inc shaft12 3/4323
Thrust at 2000 rpm350lb160kg
Total weight excluding top GRP panel11.6 lb5.3 kg