New and Used Duttons
Despite searching, we have not been able to find any used 4WD Dutton Commanders/Surfs or Reefs for sale for over 5 years

Over the last few years we have seen some unbelievable amounts of money being asked for early Duttons - £50,000 for an early Mariner so don't get taken in by these eye watering prices they are not real! Feel free to contact us for a realistic selling price before you part with your money.

NEW REEF ready for delivery in 6 months finished in blue and based on the up market Fiesta Metal 1600cc petrol with higher powered engine better trim/seats and black/chrome dashboard. Subject to being unsold. Use our standard orderform to order https://www.timdutton.com/reef-rtd-orderform.html and add colour as blue and part E as £3450.00 for cost of donor car

semel emit non vendetur