Owners Photographs
Here are a few pictures of the duck 1 on the ice near Bayport, Minnesota. I just had to go run a few laps on the Bayport Ice Race Track, only one spin out. Boy does it handle nice, I got up to 50mph on the ice in 5th gear, 4 wheel low lock. In Low 4 wheel the power band feels right and handles surprisingly well. Of course as usual, it's an eye turner. All in a days life of marketing the Beach Bar. You really didn't think I was going to leave it in storage all winter did you? Having Fun on the Frozen River like all crazy Minnesotans. Jon Place.
Doug Hilton, Kent.
Tom Felcan, Canadian Rockies.
Brian Weinrabe, Spain.
Harold Holiman, USA.
Harold Holiman, USA.
Bob Eakle, USA.
Brian Weinrabe, Spain.
(7 seater Commander)
Adam Hemms, France.
Lake Annecy on a good day.
Lake Annecy on a bad day!
Henley Regatta, 2007.
Thomas de Bellaigue
Leman (Geneva) lake mid July
Littlehampton 1995
Lake Garda
Lyndon Yorke, Henley Regatta, this Dutton has been scumbling or if you prefer - squirkling (Google it!!) the effect was so authentic a duck sat on the bonnet for 45 minutes whilst it was motoring up the Thames.
Lyndon, Henley Regatta, 2013.
An early Mariner.
John Brown, Africa. Modified Dutton Commander, designed specifically for a 5 year quest to explore the hinterland of darkest Africa, modifications include bandit proof living/sleeping for 2 and fitting a Toyota power train (Toyota parts are easier to find in Africa)
John Brown in some ocean near Africa.(anyone recognize the flag?)