Owners Page
Like all specialist craft an amphibious car needs regular servicing. This page is for the benefit of owners, in time we will add updates, tips, servicing suggestions, special offers etc. We want to hear from YOU with any tips or modifications that have improved your amphib. Refers to all our amphibious cars unless otherwise stated.

Buying one of our amphibs?

email or call us with the chassis number and we will give you our history on the car BEFORE you part with any money

We offer full servicing/repair/MOT/GRP repairs/fitting extras etc for our amphibs, our standard hourly rate is £59.00 + vat.

A tale of woe :-

If we give you a quote for work and you show it to some part time mechanic or back street bodger we guarantee they will under cut us, they work on the assumption that they can do the same work at a lower hourly rate, unfortunately its not quite that simple, we have heard horror stories of our amphibs being worked on - items being removed that didn't need to be removed - similar/cheaper but not identical items being fitted - parts being broken during removal etc etc and more worryingly the work being abandoned and the part dismantled car not being released until an extortionate fee has been paid

We have started an owners gallery of our amphibious cars in unusual locations so we look forward to what you may have. We recommend joining the Dutton owners club full info on :-www.duttonownersclub.co.uk
Battery master switch - fill with grease to stop water entering contacts, wipe off excess when key is inserted. Free keys are available from us
OWNERS MANUAL for Jimny is now available from our site. Click HERE to go to the download page. (Note that the older Samurai manual is now also available from this page as well.)
Replacing Morse steering cable - If you purchase replacement cable from us we will include special threaded collar to attach old and new cables together so when the old one is pulled out the new one easily follows and you don't have to remove any trim panels.
Replacing engine oil - either suck oil out of dipstick hole or disconnect oil cooler hose fitting, allow engine to tick-over until oil stream stops. We always use semi-synthetic oil as it is rated at 130 deg C. For the record normal mineral oil is rated at 105 deg C, fully synthetic at 140 deg C

LOCKED FRONT HUBS Because of unreliability virtually all serious 4 wheel drivers of Jimnys now permanently lock the original air front hubs in “drive”. This completely removes any chance that they can fail resulting in no drive to the front wheels when 4WD is engaged With locked front hubs you still have all the options of 2WD,4WDH,4WDL and neutral indeed all SJ413 and Samurai (the predecessors to the Jimny) had locked front hubs as original equipment, All Dutton Surf are now supplied with locked front hubs as standard. We can lock your front hubs and remove all unwanted components for a fixed price of £49.50 + vat

CONVERSION TO MANUAL TRANSFER BOX (electronic transfer box ONLY) As is typical of large companies the Marketing dept overrides Engineering so we end up with post 2005 Jimny with electronic transfer boxes that are slow and complicated to select (but they do look flash) We have now removed the slow electric motor selector system complete and replaced it with a rotary knob operated manual system to select drive, an engraved panel with lights shows either neutral or the drive you are in, All Dutton Surf with electronic transfer boxes are now supplied with the manual system as standard (the earlier pre 2006 manual lever transfer box is good as it is) We can convert your electronic transfer box to manual inc fitting engraved panel for a fixed price of £198 + vat

SIDE THRUSTERS To improve the maneuverability we have now produced a side thruster, instead of a conventional cable operated bucket arrangement we have designed a fixed system that automatically works on full lock by deflecting the water flow parallel to the transom, when fitted with this the Dutton virtually rotates in it’s own length, All Dutton Surf are now supplied with side thrusters as standard We can supply and fit the side thruster in the colour of your hull for a fixed price of £119.50 + vat or supply only with all fasteners £70 + vat

HEATER Now designed to draw air from outside rather than the earlier version where it recirculated air that was already in the cockpit - this greatly reduces cockpit heat We can convert your heater to recirculating air for a fixed price of £79.50 + vat or £30 supply only + vat
2WD only. Last black aluminium/automotive glass side screens BRAND NEW 1 pair only, when this has gone that's it!! special clearance £195 a pair (+ vat) (will not split)
Seat Cover Picture
FOR SALE set of 4 GRP standard 2015 wheel arches, fits all Commander and Surf, these can be sprayed, attached with 3 stainless steel self tapping screws (12 supplied)

1 set dark blue NEW £95 + carriage £20 all + vat

1 set turquoise used but all good £70 + carriage £20 all + vat

Ideal if you want to fit wide wheels/tyres
Full Suzuki dealer/factory workshop manuals covers EVERYTHING on CD ROM
SJ413 and SAMURAI 1300cc petrol 800 pages
SN413/5 JIMNY 1300cc petrol and 1500cc diesel 1000 pages

Search eBay "Suzuki CD manuals" cost around £10 - not available from us