We have been committed to customer safety since the 1960's. As an example, in the early 1980's the department of transport could not decide whether kit cars needed a physical seat belt anchorage test.
Rather than waiting for them to decide, we took it upon ourselves (at considerable expense) to do a full, physical type approval seat belt anchorage test on our entire range.
The pictures below show two of our cars being tested by Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) the world renowned testing centre - all our cars passed first time.

Dutton Dutton


Dutton amphijeep reliable amphibious cars

Our best advert ever, sold new in 2000, used heavily by the same owner and still going strong today!

For well over 50 years Tim Dutton has been building cars that are deliberately basic - this means they are easy and inexpensive to service / repair anywhere in the World. Many amphibious companies have come (and all gone) who build 'so called' high-tech "state of the art" craft - and why are none of them still around? Because they are unreliable and stop working when they get wet.

VOSA Inspection

VOSA IVA Inspection paperwork

Part of the comprehensive testing we do on EVERY completed Dutton Surf and Reef.


It doesn't matter how many degrees or diplomas you have there can NEVER be a substitute for over 50 years of continual vehicle production. At Dutton we can look at a component and "see" what it will look like in 10 years time and design / position it accordingly - you certainly can't learn that looking at a computer screen. This is borne out by our spectacular lack of warranty claims. In 34 years and 100's of amphibious cars all we have replaced under warranty is one self-locking nut, a clutch cable, an air conditioning hose and a hydraulic hose (and all of these claims were down to the original part supplier). Indeed we have not received ANY warranty claims from anyone since 1999 and we don't think there are many other vehicle manufacturers who can claim that.

WARRANTY:- All Dutton manufactured items 12 months. As the donor Jimny we purchase is always from an online auction and bought "site unseen" there is no warranty. Vehicles must be returned to factory at owner expense for warranty work. Date runs from date of delivery

Specifications liable to change without notice.
DUTTON is a registered Trade Mark.
The IVA test

We cannot stress enough the importance of the IVA test and not just from the legal point of view - it also shows that the car has been assembled to the highest Government standards. If you buy an amphib from a company who has not got a car past the test you will NOT be able to use it on the roads, also attempting to sell the amphib on will prove almost impossible. It's a good idea to ask to see an IVA test certificate from a manufacturer prior to purchasing

Current (2014)IVA certificate
UK Boat Safety Scheme

We automatically build all our amphibs compliant with the UK BSS and supply your Surf with a BSS certificate as standard. To comply with the BSS the following extras are supplied and fitted:- 2 off fire extinguishers (5A/34B) battery master switch, fuel cut off tap and all necessary signage


Small Ship Register

Our vehicles are eligible for Small Ship Registration if required.


Belgian Type Approval

Belgian Type Approval