90% of our sales are export so we consider them our most important sector and will do everything our power to help you.

The Donor vehicle for the Surf is the Suzuki Jimny, however in some Countries the Jimny was not available (ie US and Canada) so we can supply the Surf to accept the Suzuki Samurai/SJ413 donor car. Any Samurai/SJ413 can be used as long as it is the wider later type from mid 80's, check the wheel arches are 3" wide and not the earlier 1 1/2" type (51" track NOT 48 1/2") Use the standard Jimny order form (all prices are the same) and write on the top "SAMURAI"

wheel arches
Note 3" wide wheel arches.

Experience over the last 47 years has shown that if you go to your local registration authorities armed with nothing more than a colour brochure enquiring if the car can be registered for road use you will almost certainly be told it can't (it's all to do with Civil Servants covering their butts) some countries will not confirm that the cars can be registered for road use until they have actually seen one.

The Dutton complies with all relevant UK Type Approval vehicle regulations including Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA)

During 2014 our customers have successfully registered their Duttons in both Norway and Canada. In many other Countries you can simply swap over the identity of the Suzuki onto your Dutton

VAT (UK Value Added Tax 20%)

UK :- VAT is charged to all. Although vat registered companies may be able to claim it back

EU excluding UK :-ALL private customers are charged UK VAT. As you pay UK VAT you DO NOT have to pay the sales tax in your country If you are purchasing thru a company that is registered for tax and you give us your tax # the car will be supplied tax free

REST OF THE WORLD :- everything is supplied tax free
DRIVING IN EUROPE To be able to drive an unregistered Dutton anywhere in Europe you can easily obtain five day registration plates (including insurance) for approx. 150 Euros.

Two companies that we have used:-
wheel arches
wheel arches
Contact W.R. Berkley's German division https://www.wrblondon.com/germany/contact_us.html.
We can arrange all shipping, in addition we can have all shipping charges invoiced direct to you to pay when the car arrives, this reduces the amount of paperwork and you can pay in your own currency. Once we receive a definite order we can obtain shipping quotes for you, before then you can easily obtain costings from shippers at your end, just search "20 ft container UK to (your location)" and advise it can be stuffed free of charge at Littlehampton UK. the size of the Dutton is irrelevant as you will be using a dedicated container and give total weight as 300 kg for kits or 1100kg fully built cars. If shipping a complete Dutton on wheels ask for a Roll On Roll Off (RORO) price . It is time consuming for the shippers to sort out quotes so unfortunately they wont quote us unless they know we have a definite order.
shipping container
shipping truck
Please e-mail for info on how to transfer money direct to our bank account when making payments from outside the UK.